Experience Japanese Culture At Portland Garden

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Experience Japanese Culture At Portland Garden

June is time to take a break from the scorching heat of summer season in India and escape to a place that is cooler and nicer. Summer season in India is not just about hot weather rather it is also a season of isolation especially for those who like to spend time in the lap of nature. If you are also a nature lover and find it very to stay in A/C rooms 24X7, why not plan a trip to Portland Japanese Garden.

Portland is a city in the US state of Oregon known for its unconventional ways of alluring and enticing visitors. Every year, many foreigners travel to Portland Oregon to enjoy the serene view of nature. Visiting the city you may feel like exploring it thoroughly which may take a month or so. But, if you have a few days of vacation, it is better to shortlist some of the top travel destinations in Portland and explore them to the fullest.  Portland Japanese Garden is one of the best travel destinations in Portland for a calm and tranquil vacation.

What is Portland Japanese Garden?

Portland Japanese Garden is a collection of gardens resembling the Japanese culture. The place is far from worldly things and is all about nature at its best. The garden is spread over five hectares of land. It has beautiful gardens, flowers, hills, waterfalls, coffee shop and a lot more. The garden is a great learning place to learn about how our environment evolves, how a tree grows and how moss forms on a stone.

The garden houses eight gardens and a Culture Village. Here is a glimpse of the eight gardens that you may find at the Portland Japanese Garden:

  1. Strolling Pond Garden: It is the largest garden and contains several areas. The garden has a creek flowing under Moon Bridge and then connecting the upper and lower ponds. The lower point has many koi living in it. The garden also has a100-year old five-tiered pagoda lantern gifted by Sapporo, the sister city of Portland.
  2. Natural Garden: A place of multiple ponds, streams, and waterfall.
  3. Sand and Stone Garden: At the sand and stone garden you can experience stones rising from the rippled sand.
  4. Flat Garden: The garden is reminiscent of the Kamakura period architecture. It has white sand, maple trees, azaleas, moss, and evergreens.
  5. Tea Garden: The tea garden has two areas – inner and outer. The inner area has tea plantation while the outer is a waiting area.
  6. Entry Garden: This is the garden that you come across as you enter the gate. The garden is a series of ponds and zigzagged walking tracks.
  7. Ellie M. Hill Bonsai: It is a Japanese culture to grow trees in a small container. The method of growing a tree is called bonsai. At the Ellie M. Hill Bonsai, you can witness the bonsai method of tree growing.
  8. Tsubo-Niwa: Tsubo-Niwa is yet another Japanese style garden. It incorporates necessary components of a Japanese garden such as stone, plants, and water.

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