Experience the Natural Waterslides in North Carolina

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Experience the Natural Waterslides in North Carolina

If you and your kids love to be on waterslide then why not take them to natural waterslide? North Caroline is home to a natural waterslide named sliding rock. The sliding rock is a 60-foot long natural waterslide within the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. The slide is a fun for all age group people.

As you reach the Pisgah National Forest you may have to park your vehicle quickly as the parking lot fills up quite fast. The entry fee to the forest is $2 per person and kids of 6 years and under are exempt.

The peak time to visit the sliding rock is between 12-4 pm. It is the time when the rock is crowded with people to take a break from the summer heat and enjoy the natural water on the stones. As stated above the sliding stone is 60-foot long. You will have to trek to the top mountain to experience the amazing natural slide. Wear trek shoes that are slip-proof and swimsuits that you don’t mind getting damaged. The sliding rock although has a smooth surface; you can expect a certain amount of wear and tear of cloth. Also, do carry sunscreen as it can be really hot outside the water. Don’t forget to pack some snacks as there are not really any eating outlets in the forest.

You may find lifeguards on the top of the hill and the bottom for your safety while you take a joy ride on the waterslide. The lifeguards, however, are there only at the peak time. The sliding rock is open year around. It is advisable not to use it in storm, rain or high water.

While being on the waterslide you may feel like getting pictures and video. Getting pictures on the waterslide may risk your phone and camera. You can either ask someone else to get pictures on your behalf or if you are with the family as your family members to get them in turns.

It can be really fun to see how kids enjoy the natural waterslide. I have witnessed families with grandparents enjoying the great thrill. You can also plan to take your family to this beautiful natural water slide for fun.

Apart from the sliding rock, there are also some amazing waterfalls and living ministries in the Pisgah National Forest. These waterfalls are at some trek distance. You can enjoy a nice family time on these waterfalls. Families with kids need to be a little extra careful as the rock may be slippery.  The living ministries allow you to spend some time around the waterfalls without taking responsibility for an injury. So, at the Pisgah National Forest, you are at your own mercy. If you really want to enjoy the natural waterslide on rocks you may have to take up some risk.

After the waterslide, you may feel tired and exhausted. It is advisable to book a taxi with a driver if you are coming from a far place. You may not feel like driving back home and cooking dinner. Stop by at some restaurant for some great food.

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