A digital nomad, with a passion for digital marketing and writing. Born and raised in Cape Town, I spent much of my childhood the East Coast of South Africa. Here I developed a love for the ocean, outdoor adventures, and traveling. Generally, if the view is good, I’m happy. Furthermore, during this time, a love for extreme sports began to flourish, making me a bit of a thrill seeker.

Contrastingly, as a bit of a bookworm, most evenings you will find me sitting quietly in front of a large window, pen or book in my hand.

Chasing my dream - a lifestyle of travel, adventure, and exploration - I work nomadically. This has allowed me to, since 2014, work while traveling the globe. Generally sticking to the coast unless it is snowboarding season, I have had the privilege of documenting my experiencing a multitude of diverse cultures, from China to Brazil.

If you are interested in hearing more about more about my adventures, visit my blog