Travel to Nainital This Monsoon

Monsoon in India brings with clogged drainage pipes and lots of water floating on the roads making it difficult for people to carry out their daily routine. In short, in the monsoon season Indian families like to sit at home end enjoy grama gram samosa and pakoda. This is also the time when many souls crave to travel. There are many places that are worth visiting especially in the monsoon season, Nainital is one of the places that I will recommend all to visit at least once during the monsoon season.

Nainital – The Queen of Lakes

Nainital in monsoon season rejuvenates its spirit and looks livelier than the usual days. The city is has 7 lakes running in and out it which is actually the core point of attention of international travelers. Every year, the city hosts many international travelers. Nainital is a hill station located in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. In the rainy season, this small hill station looks even more appealing. The rain drops enhance the greener in and around the city, mountains look loftier and sky turns into bright blue color.

Monsoon in Nainital

Monsoon in Nainital offsets in late June and stays till September. The three months of monsoon showers rain and prosperity to the city and many travelers flock to the hill station. Weather in nainital is usually cool. The temperature rises at a maximum of 18 degree Celsius and drops to 10 degree Celsius. So, it is highly advisable to carry clothes to keep you warm and cozy throughout your trip to the queen of lakes.

If you still didn’t get why you should visit Nainital in the monsoon time, here are quick reasons:

  1. The rain washes out the dirt from the roads and on the leaves of the trees thus enhance the overall beauty of the city.
  2. Monsoon is off season so you save a lot on money. Bingo! For families on budget.
  3. Again, due to off season you can afford to get rooms in good hotels at reasonable costs.

In short, it is all thing.

Have made up your mind, now how the hack to reach this amazing place….

How to reach Nainital

Air, road and train – these are three mode of transport you can opt to reach Nainital.

Traveling to Nainital by air:

There are two airports connecting Nainital – Pantnagar airport and New Delhi airport. The Pantnagar airport is about 65 kms away from Nainital. And the New Delhi airport is around 290 km away. Reaching at the airport you can board bus, taxi, or train to reach your destination. In case you plan your trip via travel agencies you can ask them to arrange a private taxi for your trip to Nainital. But, traveling by yourself, you should know that no commercial planes fly by Pantnagar airport and you will be required to book a private charter.

Traveling to Nainital by Train

Train is the best suitable option for everyone. The nearest railway station to Nainital is Kathgodam. The railway station is just 34 kms away from Nainital.

How About a Road Trip?

Nainital is 290 kms away from New Delhi. You can hire a private taxi or travel by a car. It may take you around 7 hours to reach Nainital from Delhi. In case you plan to travel by a bus. You may find a direct bus to Uttrakhand and from there you will have to change the bus for Nainital. It takes 8 hours to reach Nainital via a bus trip.

Now, I have reached Nainital… It is all rainy what should I do?

Don’t be disheartened if it is raining. The rain will stop soon. Wait for it to stop. Wear your comfy shoes and clothes for amazing day that will be a mix of trekking, educational visit and a trip to religious places. Here is a list of top 10 things you can do in Nainital.

  1. Explore the Guano Hills: Guano Hills in Pangot has some stunning trekking trails. The hill is covered with oaks, bamboos, grey woodpecker and greenery. If you are lucky you may get a chance to have a glimpse of rare species such as Black-Chinned Babbler. The best part of the trekking – there are no fees involved. It is completely free.
  2. After Trekking let’s do Some Hiking: A hike of 4 km to Tiffin’s Top will give you spectacular 360 view of Nainital. The Tiffin’s Top is also called Dorothy’s Seat. For more adventure you can hire a horse ride which may cost you INR 500.
  3. Namah Nainital: Namah Nainital is a marathon that takes place every year in Nainital on the last Sunday of August. The marathon has a theme ‘run to live’. It is a social cause and many travelers take part in it for the sake of thrill and adventure.
  4. Naini Lake: Being in the queen of lake how can you miss on visiting the Naini lake. The Naini lake is the reason for Nainital’s much hyped travel destination streak. You can visit the lake, enjoy a day around it boating and lazing out.
  5. Aerial Ropeway Trip to Snow View Point: Want to add more adventure? The Snow View Point provides dazzling view of hills covered with snow with lights in the size of tea lights illuminating far way. To reach the Snow View Point, you will have to travel via aerial ropeway. This can be a thrilling experience as you get to travel via ropes all across the mountains.
  6. Chandini Chowk of Nainital: Nainital also has a Chandini Chowk just like that of New Delhi. You can expect you have some delicious meals and snacks there.
  7. Hanuman Garhi: Hanuman garhi is located just 4 kms away from Nainital Bus stop. The place is visited by followers of Hanuman ji. You can also experience a beautiful sunset view here.
  8. Bhotia Market: A travel is incomplete without a nice shopping. Bhotia market is the place where you can expect some nice deals.
  9. Governor’s House: Nainital doesn’t has great buildings but Governor’s house is a must visiting. The building is characterized by the British rule. Its architect is said to be of Gothic style.
  10. A Visit To Church: Nainital has a church built in a neo-Gothic style. This is also a must place to visit during your stay at Nainital.

Rain, rain, go away come again another day… well no. Now you don’t have to wait for the rain to go away. You can make best of your holidays by visiting places like Nainital in the Monsoon season.

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