Traveling Solo to Cusco, Peru

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Traveling Solo to Cusco, Peru

Peru is one place where every traveler wants to visit at least once in his lifetime. I was reading a blog when I decided to visit this place alone. Peru, first of all, is a very welcoming country. I loved visiting this place and would make a plan to come again but this time not alone.

In Peru, I spend most of my time in Cusco, a hilly city covered in orange-tiled roofs and centuries-old cathedrals. The city was the capital of the Inca Empire. The remains of the empire can still be found around the city.

My Experience In the City:

As my plan touched this beautiful place of great artifacts and delicious food I boarded a plan to fly to Cusco. The flight cost by $99 but saved a lot of my time. Had I choose to travel via road I would have to spend 20 hours sitting in the bus. There are plenty of options to stay. Either you can book a room before flying to the country or hunt for the one by yourself while being in the city. I am not about to mention where I stayed and how my experience was as this article is not at all about affiliate marketing. Anyway, you can pick any hotel. Most of the hotels are nice, but if you want to be extra careful you can check the hotel’s website online, reviews, virtually view the rooms and make a booking.

Food is the next item that I cannot compromise upon. I love to eat good food so I decided to go local and try their local culinary. Cusco is a great place for food lovers. You get plenty of options for vegan as well as non-vegan diet. There are also options for luxury eating and cheap eating. Local markets and street stalls offer some delicious cheap food. For comfort and luxury one can visit any nearby restaurant. I was a little tired after my long ride to Cusco so I decided to go for the luxury meal.

Being in Cusco you can expect to have Italian food beautifully plated with edible flowers and salads. There are also great coffee bars for coffee lovers. The restaurants are not really crowded and you can expect to receive some gentle gestures of welcome and hello from the visitors.

I think most of the countries are alike. They are different in how they are dressed up and what language they use to speak. Other things are almost same. In Cusco, I came across local people with baby alpacas dressed in native attire for photo ops. Now, this is something that I can relate to India. In India, if you happen to hilly areas you will find bulls dressed in attire for photo ops. Anyway, I didn’t take the opportunity to get clicked with an animal. But, I loved the place.

To Conclude:

Cusco is a great place if you are looking to relax your tensed nerves and want to take a break from the daily routine life. I spend most of my time traveling around the city and eating at restaurants.