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Top Five International Trips Under 1 Lakh

Your friends and mates might have teased for their international trips. You no longer have to allow yourself to be teased as you can travel to international designation without burning a hole to your pocket. International trip for anyone would mean spending nearly INR2-4 lakh. Although it does take a lot to travel abroad, you do have options to enjoy the international breaks without breaking your bank lockers.

For all those who have been dreaming to travel abroad but were not able to due to financial crunches, here are five foreign vacations that you can afford under the budget of INR1lakh.

  1. Cambodia: You can spend lovely four nights and five days in Cambodia with less than INR1lakh. Many travel to the country to learn about its history that is steeped in the genocide wreaked by the Khmer regime. It may cost around INR40,000 to travel to the Southeastern Asian country. But, with the remaining amount there is so much you can expect to do. You can plan your entire trip in two main cities of the country – Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. The two cities provide a gateway to the most famous Angkor Wat. It takes around 6 hours to fly to this beautiful country from India. Once you have reached the country you can expect to enjoy delicious food. Some of the most popular food items of Cambodia are  the baguette with meat fillers which costs around INR82. If you are lucky you may even get to relish on Indian food.
  2. Hong Kong: Hong Kong allows the Indian travelers for visa on arrival. Although Hong Kong is one of the most expensive business hubs, you can enjoy a four day trip in the country without burning your pockets. The worst part of international trips is the flight cost. Flying to Hong Kong will take almost half of your budget. It takes about 5 hours to fly to Hong Kong from India. You can book a room at some three-star rating hotel which will cost you around INR5,000 per night. If you are really tight on the budget you can book a one-star hotel which may cost you about INR2,000 per night. You can spend rest of your money travelling around Hong Kong exploring the country by yourself. The country offers some of the best Chinese food, you can also expect to Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and Indian dishes. If you happen to visit Hong Kong don’t forget to visit Disneyland.

3. Indonesia: Indonesia is one amazing tourist destination in Asia. Every year travelers fly to the country to visit beaches and islands to relax and enjoy great time with family. You can expect to spend lavish 4 nights and 5 days in Indonesia without burning your pockets. Indonesia has many tourist destinations which however are located at a far distance. The transportation cost in the country is quite high which makes travelling in Indonesia expensive. If you plan a trip to Indonesia on a tight budget choose a package which either has transportation included in its package or book a room in a hotel which is closely knitted to tourist destinations. If you are planning to simply relax and enjoy your holiday then sticking to just one place like Bali throughout your vacation is not really a bad idea. You can expect to get a room in a three star hotel at a price of INR3,000-4,000. It takes nine hours to reach Indonesia from India and the flight costs around INR30,000. Note: If you plan to visit Indonesia for less than 30 –days you need not pay any visa fee.

    1. Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka is famous for its rich culture, history and wildlife. Being in Sri Lanka you can expect to enjoy amazing relaxing vacation even on a tight budget. Flying to Sri Lanka will cost you around INR36,000 and its takes 6-7 hours to reach the country from India. The country offers a vast range of options for accommodation to travelers. You can get a room for a cost of anywhere between INR1,000 – 4,000. The country also offers an option of homestay for travelers who would like to experience the real Sri Lanka.

      Vietnam, Hoi An. Umbrellas and sunbeds under palm trees at Cua Dai beach
  1. Philippines: Philippines is not really the most preferred travel destination, but it offers world’s most beautiful beaches. There isn’t much to explore in the country. But, for a short vacation and for the international tag you can visit Manila the capital city of the country and Palawan. Flying to Philippines may cost you half or even more than half of your total budget. Its flights are usually around INR42,000. You may have to pay a visa fee of INR10,000. Travelling in the country is again expensive. You may have to spend nearly INR14,000 for commuting within the country in case you decide to explore it. If you plan to stay in your hotel and enjoy the nearby beaches you may be able to save on money. A three-star hotel room will cost you around iNR3,000-5,000 per night. When you book a hotel make sure it is on walking distance to beaches to save money on travel.

You can also plan and enjoy an international trip just like your friends and colleagues. Share pictures on Facebook and Twitter and make them jealous. Traveling abroad can be really expensive. Selecting wisely you may be able to get the wisest deals without compromising on the leisure. So, next time when you plan a trip abroad do consider the destinations mentioned above. In case you know some amazing international destinations that can be explored in less than one lakh please share in the comment section below.