Top 5 Puducherry Beaches For Family Trip

Puducherry is one of the hottest places to visit in India. The place is hot not only in terms of its tourism attraction but also for its weather. The weather of Puducherry is usually hot and that’s why its beaches are popular. The beaches of Puducherry are visited by families and youngsters in the evening. They offer great sightseeing for anyone who is a nature lover.

The Puducherry beaches are sandy and offer delectable cuisine on stalls that are often rushed by the beachgoers.  Spending a day in the city of beaches with your family you can strengthen the familial bond and cherish quality time together. There are seven beaches in Puducherry to relax and enjoy. But, if you don’t have enough time to cover all the beaches, you should visit at least these five beaches with your family.

Top Five Puducherry Beaches To Visit

  1. Auroville Beach: The Auroville beach is situated near the shoreline bordering the Bay of Bengal. The beach is a perfect place for swimmers. If you are not really into swimming, you can have a nice time with your family and loved ones sitting and relaxing on the sandy beach. The beach offers explorers are great opportunity to discover shells fragments on its sides.
  2. Repos Beach huts: The beach is nearby the Auroville beach. The beach is less crowded and very relaxing. You can expect to spend some nice family time on the beach. The Repos beach is visited by the foreigners. There is a special place dedicated exclusively for foreigners to provide them adequate privacy.
  3. Serenity Beach: The beach offers serenity at its best. It is a great place for lazy bums or those who want to be close to nature and rejuvenate their tensed muscles. The Serenity beach is a great place for sunbathing and enjoying the water waves on the shores. There are palm trees on the sides of the beach which further enhances its serene beauty.
  4. Promenade Beach: The Promenade Beach also known as Rocky Beach and Gandhi beach has rocks on its shores and a significant statute of Gandhi Ji. The beach also has heritage buildings ‘Mairie’ and War Memorial built by French. In short, the beach has a lot of historical significance. The beach is ideal for families with kids. You can expect your kids to learn about the history on the visit.
  5. Veerampattinam Beach: If you want to experience the coastal life of the villagers the Veerampattinam Beach is the right place for you. Visiting Puducherry, you should take some time out to let your kids experience the life of coastal villagers.

A family holiday should be packed with fun and education. While taking your family out for a holiday trip, make sure to include places that can help strengthen the familial bond and help your kids learn and explore new things. Holidays, in fact, can be a great time for kids to learn about history and geography. So make the best of the holidays by shortlisting places that are relaxing and educational.

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