Practical Ways To Stay Safe Traveling Alone

In India woman are afraid of traveling alone. They prefer going in a company especially of girls over boys. And when it comes to traveling at night, I don’t think any Indian women would dare to step out of her house. Women in India are not safe. They are subject to sexual and emotional harassment and this has significantly lowered their self-esteem. Today, although a number of women have stepped out of their houses embracing solo travel, they still have to learn some practical ways to keep themselves safe when being away from home alone. Here is a short yet practical approach to keeping oneself safe in new city, state or country.

Practical Ways To Ensure Safety Traveling Alone

  1. Local SIM Card With Data: If you plan to travel abroad do get a local SIM card with data so you can use GPS and make necessary calls. Having a local SIM will also let you stay in touch with your friends and family. You can update them about your trip and even call them up for any help.
  2. Homestay Vs Hostel/Hotel: Most of countries that attract tourist year round have facilities of homestay. The homestay is an apartment or house put on rent on per night basis for travelers. The homestays are a great way to explore the local areas and cities during your short trip in the country. The homestays provide homely atmosphere. The host or the owner of the homestay ensures that your stay is comfortable and safe. You can expect the host to help you with routes and find great places. The host can also help you get back home in case you are lost.
  3. Taser: Every women should have access to safety weapons such as taser. In case you have to walk down the street at night all alone having taser with you will provide you with peace of mind. The taser can reduce the physical strength of the target and reduce the person to cramps allowing you enough time to run and find help.
  4. Dress Up Conservatively: As a woman I will suggest all the ladies to be conservative in dressing if you don’t want to attract the bad guys. The rule should strictly be applicable for conservative societies like Pakistan.
  5. Be Creative Cook Up Stories: Traveling alone you will meet many men and women sharing their life stories. You don’t have to share your real life story if you want to be safe. Don’t disclose everything about your life as you may never know how they use the information against you.
  6. Avoid Flirtatious Company: You may meet some nice men offering great company. But the moment these nice men turn flirtatious it is time to take a step back and refocus on your trip.

So, these were some of the tips that will help you save yourself from bad companies and trouble while you travel alone. As a solo traveler you are responsible for your safety. Whether you are a man or woman safety is important for you and you should not compromise on anything while being abroad.

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