Portugal – The Hottest Place to Travel in 2018

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Portugal – The Hottest Place to Travel in 2018

Travel industry saw many uphill in 2017 with Trump travel ban and winter woes. But there is one country that saw a rise in the number of travellers and the trend is likely to continue this year. Portugal is and will remain one of the hottest places to travel in 2018 especially among Americans.

According to Travel Pulse magazine, by October 2017 about 522,653 Americans travelled to the country this shows a 34% rise in visitation when compared with the figures of 2016. Moreover, the figure is about four times more than what used to be a decade ago. It looks like the country is sticking to be the hottest place to visit among Americans. Let us look at why the country is attracting more of visitors every year.

Why is Portugal a Hottest Travel Destination?

  1. Great Connectivity:

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    One of the many reasons for more of American flying to Portugal is great connectivity. JetBlue to TAP Air Portugal inked the codeshare pact in 2016 which has significantly lifted the number of Americas travelling to Europe especially to Portugal. Since their alliance, more than 35,000 Americans have used JetBlue to TAP Air Portugal. Under the agreement, the two airlines have promised to pick travellers from 38 America cities with European gateways.

  2. Portugal is a rising star:

    The country is relatively a safe place to travel as compared to other European countries. However, as a traveller, you will have to be on an alert side as pick-pocketing and trickery are some of the common crimes experienced by the visitors. Planning for a trip to the European country, do read the country’s travel safety measures drafted by Gov.UK.

  3. Amazing culinary destination:

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    If you a food lover you will definitely fall in love with the amazing culinary of the country. The Travel Plus has accredited Portugal one of the hottest culinary destinations in Europe. Douro Valley is famous for wine with some small farms and independent restaurants attracting a number of visitors every year. The country is also welcoming Iberostar hotels and resorts. What can any visitor ask for than a beautiful scenic and amazing food?

  4. Things to do in Portugal:

    There are many things to do in Portugal. Hiking, cycling, big-wave surfing, off-roading, ziplining are just a few of the adventure activities one can accept to get indulged while being in the country. In short, the country is best suited for intrepid travellers. The country is fairly divided into seven regions with each providing high octane fun. One of the most popular adventure activities in the country is trekking. The country has rugged mountains and reservoirs where visitors can hike, trek, bike and have the thrill of adventure. Besides, surfing, body boarding and kite surfing are yet some other thrills that a visitor can experience in the country.


Portugal has a rich history steeped in the life history of seafaring to the modern days of today. The country built its economy with the seafaring and has attracted many visitors to its culture that has heart throbbing customs and a rustic life that smells as fresh as damp soil.