Portland Japanese Garden: Things to Do

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Portland Japanese Garden: Things to Do

The Portland Japanese Garden is not an ordinary rose garden. It is a place that houses nature at its best. Being in the garden, you can experience the beauty of nature through creeks flowing under the bridges, flowers blossoming around the walkways, trees growing in bonsai style and allot more. The garden, however, is not limited to the serene and tranquil aspect of nature. It also has something to offer the modern world.

Let us look at the things that you can do while being at the Portland Japanese Garden,

Things to do at Portland Japanese Garden

  1. Cultural Village: The topmost hill of the Portland Japanese Garden houses a culture village. The village is architected by a famous Kengo Kuma architect. At the village, you can experience Japanese art and culture through performances and season activities organized at the courtyard.
  2. Deep Learning of Japanese Culture: If culture village failed to satiate your appetite to know about the Japanese culture you can stop by at Jordan Schnitzer Japanese Arts Learning Center, located in the cultural village. The center is rich in Japanese culture. At the center, you will be pleased to hear the soothing sound of Japanese harp called Koto. Shakuhachi flute is also played at the center and the visitors are explained about the Japanese way of making tea and art of arranging flowers.
  3. Take Part in Exhibition: The Portland Japanese Garden welcomes many visitors on a daily basis. Its parking area is almost always full. For the vast number of people visiting the place, the exhibition is organized. The exhibition is intended to represent the complex culture of Japan through fine art, fabric, the beauty of nature and more.
  4. Sip A Cup Of Tea At Umami Café: The Portland Japanese Garden is not just a place for trees, water, and plants. It also houses a tea shop Umami Café. You can enjoy a relaxing tea prepared in the Japanese style.
  5. Garden Gift Shop: At the end of your exploration you may feel like taking back home some pleasant memories of the garden. There is a gift shop in the Cultural Village. The shop has some hand-picked items right from Japan. You can buy these items and take back home to show it your friends and loved ones.

The Portland Japanese Garden is a great place to experience nature and the Japanese culture. The place, in fact, is a learning place and is a must to visit with family. So, in this summer vacations do plan a trip to Portland and don’t forget to visit this amazing place of gardens and Cultural Village. The place is worth of money. You can also plan to visit the nearby area of the Garden for a splendid vacation. The nearby attractions include Mount Hood, the Oregon Coast, and the Columbia River Gorge. The city is also famous for tax-free shopping and many cultural attractions.Take your family to the garden for a fun time and togetherness.

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