Places to Visit in Agra with Palace on Wheels Train

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Places to Visit in Agra with Palace on Wheels Train

In the city of the great Taj Mahal, in addition to this impressive white marble mausoleum, you will find bustling markets, lush gardens and palaces declared World Heritage.

You can easily visit this Indian metropolis located in Uttar Pradesh, the former administrative and cultural center of the Mughal Empire. Explore its forts, military complexes, palaces and gardens, replete with history and ancient culture. The greatest show of wealth and power left by the Mughals is the Taj Mahal . Shah Jahan built this ornate white marble mausoleum in honor of his wife, who died in childbirth.

Stroll through the canals and gardens of the Taj Mahal at sunrise to see how the resplendent mausoleum emerges from the shadows of the night. The artistic symmetry of this symbol of India is amazing and is present in its elegant square gardens and its complex gems inlays. Discover the history, art and architecture of the Mughals in the Taj Museum. Visit also the Agra Fort , the seat of government of Shah Jahan and the prison where he remained imprisoned until his death.

Agra is famous for its wonderful handmade marble products, inlaid with precious stones. Head to Agra’s Marble Emporium to admire how artisans create their works of art, with techniques that have survived generation after generation. In the Sadar Bazaar you can buy souvenirs and leather products. Make a stop at a chaat stand and order some samosas, some spicy empanadillas made with potato and chickpeas.

The streets of Agra are often crowded with cars, cows and garbage, and can be very overwhelming. Relax in the ancient gardens of Rambagh . These gardens of the Mughal period are a clear example of Persian design, where canals and flowering plants make up an oasis that represents paradise.

Do not miss the opportunity to attend one of the Bollywood dance shows that are performed daily at the Kalakriti Cultural Center . Headphones are available to listen to the dialogues in several languages. Here you can also climb a helium balloon that rises up to 76 meters to enjoy the panoramic views of the city.

To the west is the city of Fatehpur Sikri , an important bastion of the sixteenth century in which the Mughal emperor Akbar established his court.

The easiest way is to explore the city by rickshaw or auto rickshaw, although it is much more fun to rent a “tonga”, a covered cart pulled by horses. The best time to visit Agra is in winter, from October to March, when the area is drier and the heat is less suffocating.

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