One Day Trips Under $30

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One Day Trips Under $30

How many of you wanted to travel abroad but dropped the idea because of expensive airline tickets and costly trips? Being abroad can mean allot to a middle-class family with limited income. No matter how much you earn and what is your budget for a trip abroad here are some places that will cost you no more than $30 a day.

  1. Thailand: Thailand is one of the hottest tourist destinations throughout the year. There are budget hotels in Thailand that provide rooms from anywhere around $6-10 per night. Food will cost you $5 and drinks $2. You can save $2 on drinks but cannot compromise on food, right? Sightseeing will cost you $10 and the total of the day’s expense is roughly $30. In case you have a day off and you decide to stay in your hotel, you will save $10 and you can use that money next day.
  2. Bali: Flying to Bali is expensive but once you have reached there your expensive will be less than $30 a day. A budget hotel will provide you with a room for less than $10 and local food is as cheap as $2. If you go for western cuisine you may have to spend $2 extra on food. Daily activities such as tours and sightseeing will cost you less than $10. In short, I won’t cost you allot to be in Bali.
  3. Greece: Greece after the terrible financial turn round has drastically changed its cost of hotels and food for travelers. Staying in Greece can cost you around $15 per night. Food and drinks will cost you around $3 each. Rest, you can decide as how much you would like to spend on your tours and sightseeing.
  4. Central America: I had the misconception for Central America as the most expensive place to be. But, to my surprise, the country is actually cheap. You can expect to have a daily expenditure of about $30 for staying, eating and enjoying in the country. Traveling through the country is also cheap. You can board a bus for $3 and travel around the country. What else? The beer costs less than a dollar.
  5. Budapest: Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is also a cheap place to be in. Budapest is a historical city. The city has budget hotels starting from $8 per night. Local food costs around $2. Besides, traveling around the city through public transport is a lot cheaper. You can travel around the city with a few dollars in your pocket.

Why compromise on your vacation when you can have so much fun with limited money in your pocket. These places are not only cheap but also welcoming and offer great hospitality to tourists. Before you pack your bag to visit some of these places, don’t forget to read about them on the internet for more amazing ideas to save money and staying safe abroad.


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