Mozambican Safari Camp - Milibangalala, Maputo Elephant Reserve

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Mozambican Safari Camp – Milibangalala, Maputo Elephant Reserve

We were knackered after a three and a half day drive from up the East Coast of Southern Africa, from Cape Town to the entrance of the Reserve De Maputo. Little did we know, four hours of soft sand tracks lay between us and Milibangalala Campsite. The spade was needed, but in the end, we managed to get a 2×4 pickup-truck to our temporary home.

Milibangalala campsite is an untouched stretch of paradise. With sites stretching down the Coast, you will wake up with the sound of the Ocean, and maybe a small monkey chirping in the trees above. The campsite offers minimal facilities, with nothing but non-drinking water available. However, with the amazing surrounding natural beauty, you will not find yourself missing luxuries.

For around $6.5 (R100) per night, you are given the freedom of the coast and reserve. Spend your days relaxing on the beach or on game drives around the reserve. With the beach just a couple of meters from your campsite, you will never be too far from your next beer.

Although we didn’t have a 4×4 vehicle to embark on game drives, we saw elephant, giraffe, crocodile, as well as a variety of monkeys and buck on our way in and out of the reserve. If you do not drive to Mozambique, fly into Maputo, before making your way to the reserve.