Journey to Haridwar

Most awaited trip …. a journey to Gateway of heaven.

30 Jan 2016
12:04 AM – We take taxi to railway station.
3:10 AM – In train….
12:12 PM – Checked In Hotel Kailash, Haridwar
We started off on the Night of Jan 29 at about 01:10 from our place and boarded the Dehradun Doon Express from Lucknow Jn. Railway Station. The train leaves from platform 7 at about 01:50 hrs.
The train left us at Haridwar station 15 minutes later than its scheduled arrival time. We headed to Hotel Kailash and booked a room for both of us.
If you are looking to stay closer to the Ghats, do not expect 5 star facilities. Feel lucky if you can manage to get clean sheets and mattresses on the beds and a clean washroom. There might be no room service available and as in many cases, no restaurants or kitchens to order food from which means that you stay at one place and move out in the evenings to grab food elsewhere.
However, if you can dare to walk a bit, there are a few above average places to dine around ‘Jagannath Dham’. Don’t bother asking for directions, just take a cycle – rickshaw from anywhere you are and tell the rickshaw puller to drop you ar ‘Jagannath Dham’.