Mexico – Amazing Country for Food and Nature Lovers


Mexico – Amazing Country for Food and Nature Lovers

Thinking about Mexico and I cannot resist myself from appraising the country. For me, the country is all about palm-fringed beaches, teeming cities, fiesta fireworks and of course chilli-spiced cuisine apart from steamy jungles. I don’t want to get pretentious for my liking for Mexico, but I cannot help it besides sharing an anecdote to a Mexico trip.

Many of you reading this blog may have been to Mexico, but not all of you might have seen the country as I saw it. This beautiful place is sea, sand and the sky of Latin America.  Why I think Mexico the life of Latin America is answered in the deep beauty of the country.

Mexico – A Land of Diversity

Mexico is a Latin American country with a population of about 123mn (2017). It is the 10th most populated country in the world and millions of traveller airdash to Mexico to relax and have some adventure. From January-August 2016, the country alone welcomed 11.44mn international tourists. Although the country is visited by millions every year,  many of its aspects that often left unexplored by travellers.

For example, people who travel to the country have the least idea about the historic artefacts that can be found here. Its local food is yet another thing that is often missed by many international travellers. The Latin American country is in itself so diverse that you may need to take a week off from work to explore the country from the scratch. To save your time, I have done some research and listed some reasons for the country to be the best travel destination.

Mexico – A Brilliant Choice for Foodies

UNESCO in 2010 gave Mexican cuisine a new name – an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. In Mexico food is designed from farm to table. You can expect to get an unexpected taste and food combinations. Who can think of combining crickets and tacos? This is just an example. If you happen to travel to the country don’t forget to visit the local food restaurants and enjoy their special meals.

A Welcoming Place

For long I had an impression of Mexico of being a not-so-safe place for tourists. Rampant drug abuse and gun battles between criminal organizations and the legal authorities often make headlines in the country. The country is unsafe for tourists and the US has rightly issued a travel ban on the Latin American country. However, Mexicans are quite welcoming and warm. They feel the pride to receive international guests and don’t bug from helping them in anyhow.

The Historic and Natural Beauty

The country has one of the best museums in the world. The Museo Nacional de Antropología museum is the seventh-largest art museum in the world. It has gallery space of 33,000 square meters. Besides, how can one ignore the beautiful landscape of Mexico? Sierra Madre Mountains is one of the most visited landscapes in Mexico.

Diversity at Its Best

Unfortunately, the US has banned travel to Mexico. But there is no denying the country houses diversity at its best. You can expect to experience some of the amazing art in the country, beautiful landscape, delicious cousins and great people to meet and interact.

So, let us hope to get the travel ban lifted soon. Travel to the Latin American country and enjoy a great time while making new friends and enjoying a great meal in the laps of nature.

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