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A Trip To Mauritius – Reflection

I went to Mauritius on my honeymoon and ever since then I have been advising all my friends and family members to visit the place at least once. Mauritius is a beautiful place to relax and get mesmerized by the natural beauty of the country. This is one country that I would like to revisit again and again. If you Google Mauritius you will be able to see a list of places that are worth visiting. I am not going to advertise the country here. This blog is all about my personal experience at Mauritius and why I would like to revisit the place.

Things To Fall In Love With – Mauritius

  1. Safe And Secure Place:

    I am an Indian woman and if you are Indian to you may know what I mean by the safety of a woman. Mauritius is the safest country for a woman (specifically). I had a chance to troll on the roads, beaches, poolside, around the hotel and nearby places (wherever I could) without a ting of fear in my heart.  There were no lusty eyes following me. There wasn’t any issue with getting a cab all alone or going to market by all myself. Many of you may not like me opening up about the unsafe life of women in India. I am sorry, but this is the fact. If you are an Indian woman and wish to spend some time without fearing of others looking at you, plan a trip to Mauritius.

  2. Greenery Everywhere:

    Again, Indians will find this place pollution free. I never had a chance to soak my feet in the blue ocean and enjoy the scenic beauty before visiting Mauritius. In fact, I thought that it is in drawings and painting we get to see blue ocean. The crystal blue ocean and white sand on the beach have swept my heart for long. Besides, it is greenery everywhere in the country. Driving by the roads you may see beautiful green mountains, well-maintained grass, trees on both sides of the road and in case you are staying in a hotel you will find nice patio or balcony.

  3. Beautiful Sound Of Water Stride:

    It has been two years since I return from Mauritius. But, the amazing sound of water stride still plays silently in my ear recalling the moments that I spent with my hubby near the beach. Our hotel room was located near to the beach. So, at night we used to hear the sound of water strides in our room while we relaxed.

  4. Away From TV:

    My husband loves to watch TV and the case is completely opposite with me. In Mauritius, my husband missed the TV, but I loved it being missed. Lol! If your husband is also a potato couch, drag him to Mauritius away from the TV.

  5. A Moment for the Two:

    A couple taking walk on the beach. Image courtesy Chobirdokan

    Being in Mauritius, you can plan a romantic night or evening with the help of organizer at a very reasonable rate. You can plan a candlelight dinner with wine and a romantic music near the beach or poolside. My romantic date was planned for the poolside. I always wanted to have a beachside candlelight dinner with him, but the poolside turned out to be much better. On the beach, the wind blows quite harshly at night bring sand with it. Although a candlelight dinner on the beach sounds romantic, it is really not. You can count on me for that.

So, these were some of my experience in Mauritius. I will share more about my experience in the next blog.

4 thoughts on “A Trip To Mauritius – Reflection

  1. What a lovely read on Mauritius. I am planning to visit for the first time in 2018, and I liked your honesty about the safety of a female traveler. This is something as a often solo and single traveler, I look at often.

    Great read, ill share it.

  2. Thank you, Cee. Mauritius is a great place to enjoy beaches, mountains, wildlife and nature. Chelsa is a great place in Mauritius to interact with wildlife under the supervision of professionals. You may have heard of seven colour soil of Mauritius. Although it sounds fascinating, it may disappoint you. All the best for your trip.

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