Luxury Travel Option in India

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Luxury Travel Option in India

Do you want to discover India from another angle? The country offers great opportunities for exploration in authentic and luxurious conditions. Charming hotels, luxurious transportation and impressive sights will ensure a successful trip. In one stay, you will discover the unique environment of this country, rich in landscape and also cradle of spirituality. The realization of your trip will therefore conform to the following elements.

Stay in Luxury Hotels

It is obvious that there is a range of luxury hotels in India. Since this country is one of the most popular destinations in this part of Asia, you will not have to worry about finding one. This category of hotel usually has authentic and sometimes secular architectural structures, with which comfort reaches the pinnacle. The services are also very personalized and complete. Despite the high price, luxury hotels are well suited for luxury travel. You will have a wide choice of this type of hotel depending on the region and the city of destination. In Mumbai, for example, the most popular is the Taj Mahal Hotel, which was built in 1901. In the north, you will find forts, ancient palaces of Maharajas or bourgeois homes converted into a hotel.

Enjoy luxurious Transportation

Visit India also requires a good way of transportation. Only for a luxury trip, the word luxury is defined by a vehicle with refined structures, spacious and comfortable, accompanied by a service of high rank where you can taste the taste of luxury. In India, try the “Palace on Wheels“, a train equipped with a dozen sumptuous wagons and equipped with complete equipment, as well as servants. It has the opportunity to introduce you to Rajasthan for 7 nights. The “Maharaja Express” also serves Delhi to Bombay.

Visit majestic sites in India

While enjoying a luxurious train trip in India, you will explore the most popular sites in the country. Among the most interesting sites of India, Fatehpur Sikri, in Agra, promises a unique experience. In reality, this site is a well-preserved ghost town that was an offering of the Mughal Emperor Akbar, around the years 1571 and 1585. It is dotted with mosques, pavilions and palaces with architectural styles of that period.

In this region, the Taj Mahal or “Palace of the Crown” is also a must. It is the masterpiece of the Mughal Emperor Shan Jahan, built in 1653. This magnificent mausoleum is built from valuable materials such as crystal, marble and other precious stones. Many other sites still have many surprises for you during your trip to India. Know how to enjoy your stay to discover them.

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