Hotel Pods That Floats in Space to Arrive in 2021

Do you enjoy hotel stays and want to enrich your experience? A new type of hotel stay experience is near the clock. Hotel pods are scheduled to arrive in 2021. According to a travel post published on the Travel+Leisure website, Robert Bigelow, founder of the hotel chain Budget Suites, has set his eyes to launch world’s first inflatable space hotel.

New space hotel is expected to be launched in 2021. Bigelow Aerospace a company founded by Bigelow is building two space modules named  B330-1 and B330-2. The modules are in their initial stages and would take some time to realize. Information about the module was originally published on the  Daily Mail website.

A new company dubbed Bigelow Space Company will help make the floating hotels. According to the planes, Bigelow Space will built the hotels and Bigelow Aerospace will send the buildings into orbit. The hotel will be 55 feet long. It will have two crafts linking for the greater private space station. The hotel, however, will be operated in the low Earth orbit.

There are high hopes for the floating hotel. If Bigelow’s dream comes true, the floating hotel would serve not only as a tourist destination but also provide government bodies orbital laboratory space.

How Much Would It Cost To Stay In Space?

Well, if you want to stay in space and enjoy a noise and traffic free life, you will have to pay some amount for that. The cost of staying at the hotel pods would be anywhere in the eight figures or could be a little less than the eight-figure price. At the space station, one may have to pay extra for oxygen and other amenities that are easily available on the Earth. Well, these are just speculations which are waiting to be addressed by the hotel owner.

Whats Happening In The Global Space Market

More and more of people have become curious to know about life outside the Earth. There are many planets being investigated and studied to learn about the possibility of life. Amid space curiosity, it is obvious for anyone to have the inclination to put up in space for some time. The upcoming hotel pods will serve as an appetizer for those who crave for a galactic vacation.

Who Is Robert Bigelow?

Robert Bigelow is an American businessman and a space industry expert. He has been in news for quite some time for his belief in aliens visiting the Earth. Check out the below video of Robert Bigelow and his views on aliens visiting the Earth.

A Little Bit More About Robert Bigelow Project

Robert Bigelow is in his early 70s and believes that the future commercial world would move to space. He is said to risking his money on expandable spacecraft, large, lightweight structures that inflate in space, a technology that could dramatically change how humans live and work in zero gravity.  NASA has partnered with Robert Bigelow, who’s an unconventional figure in the aerospace world.

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