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Coolest Road Trips To Beat Summer Heat

‘The Coolest Road Trips to Beat Summer Heat’ I hope this title has not baffled you. Beat the scorching hot weather while being on a road is a dream of many Indian who have to travel on road to work. In India, the summer can be really hot with people’s attire terribly drenched in sweat and skin covered with sunburn. For all those who want to escape the summer heat and be on the road, I have gathered a list of coolest road trips. So, this summer doesn’t hide in closed AC rooms come out and explore the world.

Coolest road trips to try this summer season

  1. Mumbai-Pune Expressway: The Mumbai-Pune expressway has become the hot topic among road travelers. The expressway is 93 km long and is one of the most beautiful expressways. You will experience lush green and cool breeze as you take a drive on it. The route has some amazing local food outlets. You can stop by these outlets and enjoy a nice meal with your loved one.
  2. Driving Along The East Coast Road: The east coast road connects Chennai and Pondicherry is 160 km long and has a lot to offer. This coolest road trip will leave you spellbound as travel by. You may feel like stopping by for some great photography season if you love to photograph. The road is famous for its connectivity to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Mahabalipuram.
  3. Traveling North To East: If you ever happen to explore eastern India on road from northern Indian Guwahati to Tawang is the route that you may follow. The route is 520 km long and will take you 10 hours to cover it. The landscape and lush green area on the sides of the road will keep you glued to your trip.
  4. Manali To Leh: Leh is one of the most beautiful places in the world and so is its journey. If you take Manali road to Leh you will be surprised with the snow on the mountains and cool breeze. The Manali to Leh route opens only in summer. So, grab the opportunity right now.
  5. Banglore to Bandipur Forest: If you love landscape, you probably will love traveling through the forest. Take Banglore to Bandipur to experience the forest and adventure of traveling on roads connecting the forest. The Banglore to Bandipur trip is 235 km long and will take you up to 5 hours to pass through it. You may find many eateries along the trip, but you will prefer covering the road before some wild animal attacks you.

These were some of the coolest road trips that will relax your muscles from the scorching heatwaves of the sun. Don’t let the summer overtake on your travel desires. Pack your bags and take up the road trip to beat the heat and enjoy some adventurous time with your family and friends.


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