Light up your evening at 14 Greens under the roof of nature!

14 Greens, a rooftop-based restaurant is primarily located near the Munshipuliya metro station in Lucknow. The complete restaurant is based on the theme of nature and every floor strictly follows this theme. People can tempt their hunger in the serenity of the open sky.

One should definitely visit this place for their various qualities:

  1. Open terrace restaurant

Yes, the top-most, i.e., second floor of the restaurant is an open dining area for nearly fifty people. It is a quite spacious area where customers can easily comfort themselves under the different colours of umbrella enveloping like the rainbow in the sky. People can also opt for closed dining areas in bad weathers.

  1. Live music

The restaurant also offers live music facility on the weekends for their music loving customers. So, people can crave their munchies with the light music in the background and this signifies great hospitality by them.14 Green

  1. Table reservation available

People planning to fine dine in the weekends or during the rush hours of the week, don’t need to worry about the availability of tables here. As people can avail the facility of table reservation here.

  1. Open bar area

14 Greens have its own open bar area and they serve some good quality mocktails. Alcoholic drinks are not served at this place. Their drinks include different flavoured shakes and lassis, coffee, tea and energy drinks.

  1. Exotic non-veg delicacies

This restaurant has a vast menu for exotic non-veg delicacies. And as per their staff, they offer organic chicken which is a valuable and healthier option for the non-vegetarians. Ranging from soups, sizzlers, starters, chopsuey to the main course, they provide a large variety of mouth-watering non-veg dishes of fish, mutton and chicken.

  1. Nice range of pastries & cake

14 Greens also offer some good range of pastries, cakes and tarts. The blueberry tart and mango pastry have great flavours to try for your kids and sweet-toothed friends.

  1. Offers great flavours for Hookah

Hookah lovers can tempt their desire by means of a variety of hookah flavours which include special and elite choices including Dubai special and Lady dragon flavours. People can also select their hookah base among milk, Redbull, fresh lime, or even a mocktail.Light up your evening at 14 Greens under the roof of nature!

One can also host parties birthday celebration or wedding anniversary or any of the wedding functions at 14 Greens, as they also offer space and facilities for indoor events. You will be delighted by their co-operative staff which are quite responsive and helpful. So, visit this place with your friends and family and satisfy your hunger pangs in the serene environment. It’s a great place for nature lovers!



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